Complete Guide : Android Instant Apps

By Digital Adda / February 20, 2017 / Mobile / No Comments

Google Android Instant Apps allow you to access a cloud based version of the app on your Android phone without installing from the play store. Today there are approximately 2 million iOS apps and 2.2 million Android Apps available to download. Individual tend to use only a limited Apps every mont...

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How to Factory Reset Your Android Phone

By Digital Adda / February 12, 2017 / Mobile / No Comments

A factory reset in Android device reverts the configuration and settings to a completely getting back to the state when you purchased your device. If you forget the password or pattern that locks your Android device, encounter a serious bug or device tends to perform slower, factory reset is the ...

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How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

By Digital Adda / February 11, 2017 / Mobile / No Comments

WhatsApp recently implemented two-step verification in its popular messaging app for both Android and iOS. WhatsApp two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your account. Two-step verification, also called two-factor verification, is a feature implemented in many po...

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How to Capture Screenshot in Chrome and Firefox Without Using Any Extension

By Digital Adda / February 11, 2017 / Computer / No Comments

There are many times when you might want to quickly take a screenshot of a page without having to open a third party utility. There are many ways to capture screenshots of web pages in web browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can use the Window + Print Screen key in Windows or [&he...

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Find My Android Phone Using Android Device Manager

By Digital Adda / December 28, 2016 / Mobile / No Comments

Android Device Manager is use to remotely ring or lock your device, erase everything on lost Android phone or tablets, or add a phone number to the lock screen. ADM is made by Google and working with 99.9% of devices running the Google Play Store. Android Device Manager is built for phones runnin...

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