How To Fix No Internet Secured Error Windows 10

By Digital Adda / May 20, 2018 / How to Fix / No Comments

Sometime when you try to connect to WiFi on Windows laptop, the network seems to be connected but it shows “no Internet, secured” error. The error “No Internet Secured” generally occurs, when the new updates apply to the Windows operating system.¬†There might be some change...

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Gmail Offline Mode : How To Use Gmail Without Internet

By Digital Adda / May 15, 2018 / Miscellaneous / No Comments

Do you know how to use Gmail without an Internet connection ? Previously for this purpose, Google allow the users work offline using Google Chrome browser extension such as Gmail offline. Google rolled out the new feature, Gmail offline mode that works only in the Google Chrome browser version 61...

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[Fixed] : No Permission To Delete File In SD Card Android (No Root)

By Digital Adda / January 14, 2018 / How to Fix / 1 Comment

Are you getting error “No permission to delete” in Android device. When you try to delete a file or folder from your sd card or Internal storage, a pop-up will appear says, “No permission to delete”. After updating your Android version, the sd card is not working correctly...

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Best Free Torrent Client 2018

By Digital Adda / January 10, 2018 / Miscellaneous / No Comments

To download a torrent file, you need to choose a torrent client which is fast, easy to operate, and do secure downloads. There are some cloud services allow you to download torrent file without using torrent client like zbigz and direct torrents. You need to paste the torrent file link and save t...

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