How to Install Apps Directly Into Your SD card (No Root)

If you are crazy about apps and need all the coolest apps on your android device but there is one problem, your device has little internal memory space that you can barely install few of your favorite apps to app 2 sd card. This problem is faced by most of Android users and there are […]

How to Expand Your Phone Storage with Wireless USB stick

If your smartphone or tablet is running low on storage for your apps, photos, videos, music and other files, perhaps you have received an error message suggesting you have insufficient storage available. When your mobile phone has limited storage and there’s no option to add an external SD card.  To overcome this situation, you have […]

How to Find Your WiFi Network Password

Your computer is connected to WiFi network and you forget the WiFi password that you had earlier used to connect to this particular WiFi network. Whether you’ve misplaced your home network’s password or you’re visiting someone house and don’t want to ask them for the password. Maybe you forget the password or maybe the network […]

How to Use Hidden File Manager in Android 6

Google release its updates on Android OS known as Android 6 Marshmallow with better control over app permission, native fingerprint scanner support, improved power management, full access to a file system and support for removable SD cards. Google Android OS itself has never come with a built-in file manager and forcing manufacturers to create their […]

How to Use Offline Maps on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux

If you are traveling to a new place, where their is no internet connection or mobile data is too expensive. In this case, either you can ask someone for the unknown place to reach your destination  or having a offline maps on your Mobile, Laptop is smart move.   You can save a offline map to […]

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