Use WhatsApp As Private Store For Your Documents

By Digital Adda / June 11, 2017 / Miscellaneous / No Comments

WhatsApp is more than just a message app for staying in touch with friends and family. It’s secure, super fast, uses end-to-end encryption and supports two-factor authentication. WhatsApp is works on almost all phones including desktop computers (web.whatsapp.com). WhatsApp is mainly used f...

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How to Convert PDF to Word Without Software

By Digital Adda / April 9, 2017 / Miscellaneous / No Comments

If You want to make changes in an existing PDF file, you need to get hold of the original document that was used to create the PDF. However, if you don’t have access to the source document, you can still convert PDF files into Word document without using any software. There are many free se...

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How to Scan QR Code With Android Phone

By Digital Adda / March 19, 2017 / Mobile / No Comments

Your Android phone has the ability to read QR codes, which automatically take you to a website URL. QR codes are little pixelated squares appear on billboards, magazine ads, product packing or bus shelters. All you need to download the right app and then point your Android phone camera at the cod...

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List Of Best Chromebook Apps

By Digital Adda / March 5, 2017 / Miscellaneous / No Comments

You just purchased your very first Chromebook, but aren’t sure which is the best Chromebook apps. Your Chromebook is safe, inexpensive and simple portal the Internet but it can do so much more. Whether you want to get productive, have a little fun or keep in touch you’ll find an app t...

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