Are you getting error “No permission to delete” in Android device. When you try to delete a file or folder from your sd card or Internal storage, a pop-up will appear says, “No permission to delete”. After updating your Android version, the sd card is not working correctly. You are able to read files but can’t edit or delete due to error “permission denied“.

The error occurs due to read only permission set in the Android mobile. If you know how to change file permissions in Android, the error is solved. In Android 5.1 or higher version, you can’t delete, write files from SD card. Go to Settings > Installed apps > documents, it is disabled by default, click to enable it.

how to get permission to delete a file android

To solve “No permission to delete” error in Android device, go to settings > storage and scroll down to find “Unmount SD card“, click it. A pop-up will appear says, “If you unmount the SD card, some apps you are using will stop and may be unavailable until you remount the SD card”, tap OK.

Now remount the SD card, to fix “No permission to delete” error in Android device.

fix no permission to delete android

The other fix to error “No permission to delete” is found in Android file manager. 

  1. You need to download and install ES File explorer file manager from Google play store. 
  2. Open the ES file explorer from the mobile screen.
  3. Head to sdcard1 to open SD card file and scroll down to find the desired file to delete. 
  4. Now click the file to select and press the delete button.
  5. A pop-up will appear says, “Are you sure to move”, just uncheck the box and press OK.

fix no permission to delete file sd card android

If your SD card is corrupted, try to format the sd card using DiskPart command in PC. If SD card isn’t working quite right, cleaning the drive and removing its partition is one possible solution. I’ve already written an article on how to format a SD card using Diskpart command.

I hope this article helps you fix error “No permission to delete” file or folder in Android device without root. Let’s know in the comment section, which fix works for you.

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