Do you know, how to download Facebook videos? You can download Facebook videos quickly in mobile using Facebook video downloader. Here is a list of best Facebook video downloader for different operating system.

Facebook video downloader for Android

Facebook video downloader for iPhone

Facebook video downloader for Windows Phone

You can also use Advanced Download Manager in the Android phone to download Facebook videos. Open the Facebook in any browser, click the video you like to download and copy the URL of video. A pop-up window will open and click the “Start” to download it.

To save videos from Facebook to your computer or mobile device, there are many online video capturing website available. To save Facebook video, copy the video URL  and paste in any of the following website.


If you’re using desktop for Facebook, just right click on the video to find video URL.

how to find facebook video url

In mobile, click the three dots and go down to click “copy link”.

facebook video url mobile

There is no option to download the Facebook videos or save to watch offline. Unlike YouTube gives us an option to save the video offline that helps us to save data. If you like to watch Facebook videos, when you’re offline, you’ll need to download into SD card. 

Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software (Computer|Android|iOS)

In this article we’re going to see, simple way to download Facebook video on a Computer and smartphone. You don’t need software or online tools to download Facebook video. To download Facebook video, just get the link where the video file is stored in the server.

Download Facebook Videos In Computer Without Software :

–>Play the Facebook video you want to download, right click and tap “Show video URL“.

–>Copy the video URL and paste in the browser tab.

facebook video url

–>Now replace www with m and  press “Enter”. This opens the Facebook video in mobile version, and play the video for few seconds.

–>Stop the video, right click on it and tap on “Save video as” to download it.

save video as facebook

Download Facebook Video In Android Phone Without Software :

–>To download videos in Facebook app, just click the three dots or drop-down arrow at top of the video and  go down to tap “Copy Link”.

–>Open any web browser and paste the copied URL. By default, the URL is of mobile layout only.

Note : If URL is not of mobile layout, just replace www part with m.

–>Now play the video in full screen mode and tap the screen to download the video.

download facebook video android phone without software

Download Facebook Video In iOS Without Software :

–>Copy the video URL and open any third party file browser like file master.

–>Go to browser section and open any video downloader website like,, and

–>Here paste the URL of Facebook video and click download.

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