Most frustrating problem you experience, when you try to cancel a print queue, or try to delete a print job from the print queue. Also, documents you’re printing get stuck in the printer’s queue, preventing further documents from being printed.

To cancel a print job, locate the printer icon in taskbar  

Select the task and right click the document, you’re trying to cancel and press cancel. The other options you should try, are Restart and Cancel All Documents.

If this method doesn’t work for you, try turning the printer OFF and then ON because this cancel the print job in certain printer models. In case the above method doesn’t work for you, try these advanced method to solve printing queue problem.

Stop The Print Spooler Service :

In Window 10, click start, type “services” and then click the services app. For Windows older version, hold down Windows logo key and press R to open RUN command box. Now type services.msc in command box.

Find and double click the “Print Spooler” service to open its properties windows. Now click the “Stop” button under General tab and leave this properties window open.

Open RUN command box by holding Windows logo key and press R. Copy and paste the below code in command box. Press Enter.


A pop-up Windows will appear saying “You don’t currently have permission to access this folder”. Just click “Continue” to access this folder and delete all the files in this folder.

Now return to that open properties window in the Service app and click “Start” to restart the Print Spooler service.

You can also use Notepad to restart the Print Spooler by creating a batch file.

Open Notepad, copy and paste the following codes as separate lines.

net stop spooler

del /Q /F /S “%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS\*.*”

net start spooler

Open the “File” menu and click the “Save As” command. Type the file name such as “Restart Print Spooler.bat” and select save as type “All Files”.

When you’re printing get stuck in the printer’s queue, just click the batch file to clear the Print Spooler.

If the above methods doesn’t solve your printing problem, feel free to ask via comment box.

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