Why is my phone overheating so quickly and draining battery at faster rate? Smartphones get heated due to software – hardware imbalance which causes the processor to keep running at higher clock speed and hence generate more heat than the smartphone can dissipate.

9 Ways To Solve Heating Problem In Any Smartphone

If you’re facing heating issues with your Android phone while talking, charging, playing games or browsing Internet on 3G or 4G LTE networks, here are some of the tips you can use to cool down the smartphone.

#1 Disable Bluetooth & Location :

If you’re not using Maps application, disable the location tracking to save battery drain because your phone continue to search the GPS signal and causes heating. Turn off the Bluetooth, if it’s not being used as Bluetooth continues to search for new devices and adds load to the processor. 

#2 High Intensity Camera Activities :

While using Android phone camera, don’t place it in front of direct sunlight. High display brightness and high camera resolution settings are also causes the phone overheating. Reducing screen brightness will also work very well because screen consumes a lot of battery life and thereby battery overheats. So if reducing screen brightness to normal limits is done, it will reduce over-heating.

#3 Too Many Apps Running Simultaneously :

You’re using too many apps running at the same time, causes the smartphone to heat up due to unnecessary processes running in the background. You can use Clean Master to cool down the temperature as well as free up RAM by closing unused application. Greenify is best known app to kill the unnecessary apps to manage overheating, if your Android phone is rooted. Turn off the Apps notification running in the background using the Settings menu.

#4 Phone Cover :

Smartphone case is constructed from plastic and leather, as the phone gets warm it needs to radiate the heat away but the presence of a case prevent this.

#5 WIFI And 3G/4G :

Turn On WIFI /3G / 4G whenever required it will also reduce load on the smartphone processor and help it cool down faster.

#6 Battery And Charger Cable :

If you’ve an older phone that has been regularly overcharged, then smartphone overheating can occur. Android phone not get hot while charging, and when this occurs, the reason can be either a damaged battery or a poor quality charging cable.

#7 Don’t Use the Smartphone when Charging :

This is the cardinal rule you must follow, must not play games or use data to watch videos when your smartphone is charging, as processor will come under huge amount of stress and definitely all of the smartphone will heat up due to this.

#8 Missing Updates :

Always keep your Android phone Apps and Firmware/OS updated because OS patches ensure bug fixes and causes less overheating. To check OS updates, head to Settings and find the About Phone tab and then system updates.

#9 Too Many Apps Installed :

More Apps you have on the smartphone more processes continue to run in the background – Apps like Facebook and it’s messenger continue to run background processes. Try removing the Apps which you have not used for last 15 days. Apps like Yatra or makemytrip are used when you have travel needs else they can be removed and re-installed when required.

If you’ve any other solution for the readers, please share in comment box.

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