WhatsApp is more than just a message app for staying in touch with friends and family. It’s secure, super fast, uses end-to-end encryption and supports two-factor authentication. WhatsApp is works on almost all phones including desktop computers (web.whatsapp.com). WhatsApp is mainly used for communication by using text messages, and audio-video calling.

You can also use WhatsApp for the following purpose as given below.

  1. You can capture and save notes, voice memos and scanned documents in your own private store that is accessible from everywhere using Internet.
  2. Quickly transfer of documents, music, videos and other important files between your desktop computer and phone.

You’re not allowed to send WhatsApp messages to your own number but here’s a simple hack to overcome this problem. Create a new WhatsApp group with just a single participant-you.

How to Create Private Store in WhatsApp

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone and create a group by click on three dots in the upper right hand side.

2. Add one contact from your address book to this group, give your group a name and save it.

3. Now go to the your group in WhatsApp, click the subject to view the list of participants.

4.Tap and hold the other participant in this list and remove them from the group.

Now, you’ve a private store in WhatsApp that is visible only to you and accessible from the web (desktop) and your mobile phone.

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You can also transfer voice note, images, videos, links and documents from mobile phone to desktop computer and vice-versa.

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