You just purchased your very first Chromebook, but aren’t sure which is the best Chromebook apps. Your Chromebook is safe, inexpensive and simple portal the Internet but it can do so much more. Whether you want to get productive, have a little fun or keep in touch you’ll find an app to help do it in the Chrome Web Store. Here is a list of best Chromebook apps to get more productive.

Best Chromebook Apps

#1. VLC

VLC is a open source media player and one stop shop for all of your media playing needs. It is easy to use, and packed with tons of audio and video settings, subtitle support and media library management features. 

#2. Polarr

Polarr brings a powerful, full featured offline photo editing app straight to your Chromebook. It offers robust editing tools for tweaking exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and color temperature, also has ability to tweak the entire photo. The app keeps track of your edit history, allowing you to roll back changes and quickly compare with the original image. Polarr also supports RAW file formats.

#3. Office Online

Microsoft’s free Office Online app let you create, open and edit MS office documents, with supports for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote. To use Office Online, You need an Internet connection. 

#4. Mighty Text

It allow you to sync your SMS messages and notification from your phone to desktop. You can send and receive SMS and MMS messages from desktop, sync photos and videos. You need to install the Mighty Text app on your phone as well as on Chromebook. 

#5. Slack

It is instant messaging app with real time messaging synced across devices. It supports file sharing, direct and group messaging tools. Slack archives your communications, allowing you to search through old messages, channels and shared files, and includes integration with a variety of services such as cloud storage, Asana, Zendesk and more. 

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#6. Gmail Offline

One of the basic weaknesses of webmail services is offline availability. This app syncs your Gmail account whenever you’re online, allowing you to access your emails when you’re not connected. You can archive mail, and even write new mail or replies, next time Gmail Offline detects an Internet connection, it automatically executes all of your offline actions when syncing data. 

#7. Evernote

This app provides you with the full on note-taking and organizing experience. It also allows you to organize your notes and other files into searchable, cloud-based notebooks that can be synced across devices, with even more features available to premium subscribers.

#8. Cloud9

It’s a powerful cloud programming platform, with an online Ubuntu workspace and supports for 40 different programming languages. 

#9. Pocket

It’s a popular content syncing service that uses a browser extension to save online articles, videos and pictures for later offline viewing. 


It’s a powerful task management app, lets you create and schedule tasks, complete with associated notes and reminders, through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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#11. Kindle Cloud Reader

It allows you to read your Amazon eBooks from your browser or Chromebook. The app even allow you to download books for offline reading. 

#12. LastPass

This app serving as your personal password locker, helping you generate strong passwords and then automatically saving them into an encrypted password locker that you can access anywhere with your master password. 

#13. JSTorrent

It’s open source BitTorrent downloader client, allowing users to easily download and upload torrents file on their Chromebook. 

#14. CloudMagic

It supports a variety of email and webmail systems, such as Exchange, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and IMAP. The app features a unified inbox, and integration with popular productivity tools such as Evernote, Asana and Instapaper. 

#15. StayFocusd

It’s a powerful app for users who fritter away their time instead of working. Users can set themselves a time allowance for particular sites and time-wasters, such as social networks Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve hit that limit, StayFocusd blocks access. 

#16. Desktop

It brings users an excellent free standalone diagramming app straight into their Chromebook. It has variety of drawing tools and shapes, traditional flowcharts and diagrams. 

#17. Skype

It’s the only way to get Microsoft’s extremely popular voice and video calling service on a Chromebook.

Which apps do you use on your Chromebook, lets us know in the comment box.

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