Android Device Manager is use to remotely ring or lock your device, erase everything on lost Android phone or tablets, or add a phone number to the lock screen. ADM is made by Google and working with 99.9% of devices running the Google Play Store. Android Device Manager is built for phones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later. This step by step guide will teach, how you can set Android Device Manager on your phone to find your lost Android mobile phone or tablet.

How to setup Android Device Manager

First of all, open Google Play Store in your Android device and search for Android Device Manager. Tap on the first search result and select install. After installation, Open Android Device Manager from your home screen or app drawer. Tap on sign in button and log in with your Google account or Gmail account.

Once you’re signed into Android Device Manager, you’ll see a map with your current location as well as three option such as Ring, Lock and Erase.

Note : If you’ve signed into more than one phone, you can select a particular device by tapping the drop down list at the bottom of the screen. To make your device discoverable, select your mobile phone from the drop-down list in Android Device Manager.  If you see an error “device is unavailable”, make sure you’ve turned on the location service.


Find Location of Your Phone Over the Internet

If you misplace your Android phone, you can remotely locate it with the help of Android Device Manager website. Just sign in to your Google account that was used to setup Android Device Manager and it takes a few seconds to track your phone. Alternatively, you can also search for “find my phone” on the Google search to locate your device.

If the location of your Android device is turned on, Android Device Manager is able to display location of your mobile phone, accurate to 20-25 meters of the precise location.

Note : You can also track the location of the lost device with the help of guest mode. Download the app on another phone and sign in via Guest Mode.

Features of Android Device Manager

To locate your lost phone, lock your phone, or remotely erase data of your lost Android device, you must be log in either using website in PC or mobile.
Ring : This feature will continuously rings your phone at full volume for 5 minutes even if your phone is in silent mode. 

Lock : This option lets you set a new password to unlock the phone. You can also display a message over the lock screen and add a button to call back your number so that someone find your phone can easily get in touch with you.

Erase : The service delete all the data from your phone memory and SD card. When you send the Erase command, the factory reset process will be initiated as soon as it goes online. 

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