Sometimes Google Play Store become unresponsive or freeze, can’t open , when you’re trying to download a new app or update an existing app in Android. There’s no specific solution or manual to fix “Google Play Store not working”, but I’ll show you some tweak to fix this problem. 

How to Fix Google Play Store Not Working

We’ve faced a Google Play Store not working problem while using mobile phone. Here’s what you can do, when the Google Play Store not working for you.

#1. Check Date and Time Settings : 

Google’s servers have a tough time syncing with your Android device and if the store doesn’t find a time then it could cause issues. Head to Settings > Date and Time, and toggle between date and time provided by your network automatic and manual.


#2. Turn On/Off Airplane Mode : 

I’m not sure how much this one works, because many people says that switching Airplane mode on, and off, will help the Google Play Store smooth working. Try to switch between Airplane mode on and off, as this simple tweak often helps in resolving crashes with Google Play Store app.


#3. Clear the Cache and Data :

Cache memory store data locally, which reduce data usage and speed up loading time. Sometimes older data can pile up, and causes the app to misbehave. You need to clear the cache and data of two apps – Google play store and Google play service.

Google Play Store – Head to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > Google Play Store and hit the Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Google Play Service – Go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > Google Play Service and tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.


#4. Install the Latest Version of Google Play Store :

Go into the Google Play Store app and hit the menu button (three lines in the top left hand corner of your screen). Now head to Settings and under General you should be able to see when your Google Play app updates. Tap Auto-update apps and ensure that Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi is checked. Now, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi.


#5. Reset Your Google Account :

If your Google Play Store app still isn’t working, then try to reset your Google account on Android device. Go to Settings > Accounts and remove the current Google account by tap on three dots at the top right corner and click “Remove account”.

Now you need to re-enter your Google account, go to Settings > Account and click on “Add account” and follow the on screen steps to re-add your account.

#6. Enable Download Manager

Sometimes “Google play store isn’t working” in case your download manager is disabled. You need to enable the download manager by tap on Settings > Application > Manager > All > Download Manager. If the enable button is not displayed then probably your download manager is already enabled. 


#7. Perform a factory data reset

If you’re still facing problems after having tried all of the above solution, then factory reset is your last option. First of all perform a complete backup of your data such as images, videos etc because during factory reset process, all of your data will be lost.

Once your data is backed it’s time to do a factory reset, go to Settings > Backup & reset and click the Factory data reset button at the bottom. Make sure the “Backup my data slider” is on. 


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