Windows 10 are appears, when you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 for free of cost. The operating system is designed that you must buy these apps or use Microsoft service. Even if you purchase a new PC that comes with a Windows 10 license or spend $200 for a copy of Windows 10 professional, you’ll see ads in your operating system. Disabling the ads is incredibly simple, only trick part is identifying where they are coming from, but we have got you covered.

Disable All Of Windows 10 Built-in Advertising

#1. Disable Lock Screen Ads :

Windows 10 displays ads like “Rise of the Tomb Raider and Quantum Break” on the lock screen via Windows spotlight. 

Go to Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen and set the background to “Picture” or “Slideshow” instead of Windows Spotlight. You should disable “Get fun facts, tips” and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen option.


#2. Stop Suggested Apps From Appearing in the Start Menu :

Windows 10 will occasionally show “suggested apps” in your Start menu which includes $50 PC games from the Windows Store.

Head to Settings > Personalization > Start and set the “Occasionally show suggestions in Start” setting to “Off mode”


#3.  Get Rid of Nagging Tips :

Windows 10 has helpful “Tips” that often serve to push Microsoft apps and services. These tips includes, use Microsoft Edge for battery life so you can earn Microsoft rewards points.

Go to Settings > System > Notification & Actions and disable the “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows” option. 


#4. Stop Cortana From Bouncing on the Taskbar :

To make Cortana more user-friendly, it’ll regularly bounce in place, encouraging you to try using it.

Tap on the Cortana search bar> Click the settings icon > Scroll down and disable the “Taskbar Tidbits” option. 


#5. Banish “Get Office 365” Notifications :

Windows 10 includes a “Get Office” application, providing notification suggesting you download Office 365 and enjoy a month long free trial.

Head to Settings > System > Notification & Action, scroll down, and set notification for the “Get Office” app to “Off”. You can also uninstall it from Start menu but it may come back when you update Windows 10. 

#6. Uninstall Minecraft, Flipboard, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Other Automatically Installed Apps :

Windows 10 “automatically downloads” apps like Candy Crush Soda Saga, Flipboard, Twitter, and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition when you sign in for the first time. PC manufacturers can also add their own apps and live tiles that appear installed by default.

Only Windows 10 Enterprise users can turn off these pre-installed apps but you can remove these apps and tiles. Just open your Start menu, locate any apps you don’t want to use, right click them, and select “Uninstall”. Some apps are simply given a tile but not yet downloaded in your system. To remove these tiles, just right click the tile and select ” Unpin from Start”.  


#7. Disable Live Tiles and Unpin Windows Apps :

Windows 10 also includes quite a few apps you can’t uninstall that advertise to you such as Store and Xbox tiles. To disable live tiles, right click a tile and select more > Turn live tile off. You can also just right click a tile and select “Unpin from Start” to get rid of the tile entirely. 

#8. Avoid the Built-in Solitaire Game :

In Windows 10, pre-installed games like “Microsoft Solitaire Collection” has video ads that are 30 seconds long. Microsoft’s Minesweeper game isn’t installed by default, but it too has its own $10 a year subscription fee. Google now offers a solitaire game, just search for “Solitaire” and you can play ad-free solitaire in Google’s search results. 

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