Many Android user faces the problem or received an error message “Insufficient storage available” because Android phones and tablets can fill up quickly as you download apps, add media files such as music and movies, and cache data for offline use. There are a couple of super simple ways to instantly give you more space for music, apps, photos and more. 

If you’ve space available but you see the message ‘insufficient storage available‘ on your Android mobile phone or tablet, follow these steps and you’ll be downloading, updating and installing apps again in a matter of minutes.  The ‘insufficient storage available’ error often pop up, if you’ve moved large amounts of media from the Android device’s physical storage to a microSD card, and is caused by the cache not being properly erased.


How to Fix Error Insufficient Storage Available in Android Phone

Solution #1. App Cache Cleaner

Download and install this app from Google Play Store, open the app and let it scan your device for your app’s stored cache. Delete all the app caches by selected the clear button at the bottom of the screen. You can also delete the cache without using any third party app, go to Settings > Storage > Cached data and select delete in the prompt ‘Clear cache data’, this will clear cached data for all apps.

Solution #2. Delete Unnecessary Files

You can delete unnecessary photos, videos and music files from WhatsApp, download manager.

Solution #3. Delete Dumpstate/logcat

From your phone dialler, dial *#9900#, this will open up the menu and select “Delete Dumpstate/logcat” then hit OK button and you’re done. This method works in Samsung mobile phone only.

Solution #4. Move Apps to SD card

Open Settings > Apps and sort by size, start tapping through your big apps and looking for a “Move to SD card” button.

Solution #5. Uninstall Unused Apps

There are some unused apps in your mobile, just uninstall them for get more space. Go to Settings > Apps > Download tab, press the menu (three vertical dots) in the top right corner and sort apps by size.

Solution #6.  Backup Media Files With Google Drive

If you’ve Google Drive installed on your device, it’s really easy to enable photo and video backups. To enable Google Drive backup, open the photo app > Menu > Settings > Auto Backup.

Solution #7. Clear Dalvik Cache

Reboot your mobile into recovery mode by Press power key + volume down until logo appears. Wipe cache partiton, select “Advanced” then “Wipe Dalvik Cache”. Also fix permissions if the option is available in “Advanced” menu and reboot your device.

Solution #8. Uninstall Google Play Updates

Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and select uninstall updates. A message will pop up saying app will be replaced with factory version and select ‘OK’.  

Solution #9. Delete Junk Files

Install a file manager like Es File Explorer or Root Explorer. Go to internal Storage (sdcard 0), Open DCIM folder >> Open “.thumbnails” folder. Look for large temporary thumbnail files. They can be small like 20MB or as large as 1GB+. Delete such files- you can spot them easily because they aren’t image files. You can also use CleanMaster app for this purpose.

Solution #10. Go to  “/data/app-lib/APP-PATH(that has this error)/lib” and delete. If this doesn’t work try going to “/data/app-lib/APP-PATH(that has this error)” and delete all the folder (but you must begin by their sub-folder then the folder itself, because you cant delete the folder of this APP-PATH directly without deleting their sub-folder first.

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