Many people who are using big screen 5.5 or 6 inches Android phone like Nexus 6 may often find it difficult to use their devices with just one hand, especially if typing is involved. Think about a situation, if you’re with a shopping bag in your one hand and want to use mobile phone with another hand but due to large screen mobile phone, you’re unable to type or type in slow speed. This tweak will speed up your typing skill on Android mobile phone.


One handed mode is basically works on the normal keyboard, shrinks it down and forces it over to one side either left or right side. This makes it much easier to type well with one hand and probably more accurate. Google keyboard comes pre-installed on most of the Android mobile phone, and lots of users are relying on it. If you don’t have Google keyboard installed on your smartphone, this can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. For one handed mode, you need version 5.0 of the Google keyboard installed. 

Google Keyboard 5.0 Features :

  • One-handed mode (right or left justified)
  • Adjustable Keyboard Height
  • Toggle to show borders around keys
  • Toggle to allow for long-press to access symbols
  • New gestures: delete words and cursor control

How to Enable One-Handed Mode in Google Keyboard

  • Long press either the comma key or the emoji key.
  • After pressing the comma key, tap the one-handed icon that pops up (looks like a little hand over square).
  • Here it is one-handed mode for your left hand.
  • Things are similar after you press the emoji key-tap the one-handed icon.
  • The mode for your right hand is enabled.

Can you type as quickly with one thumb on small keyboard as you can with two on the full size keyboard, let us know in the comment box.



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  1. Thanks for the information. Do we have this one handed mode option on Swift Keyboard also? I would just like to try it out.

  2. Can we use this One handed mode option also on Iphone 6s ???

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