Hard drive crash or damage, usually include logical damaged and physical damage. The physical damage include scratches on platter, head wear, circuit board short circuit and chip burning. The logical damage includes partition table lost or damage, MBR damage, track servo information error, system information error and section logical error. This kind of damage is usually easy to be recovered by just adopting a professional and dedicated program. 

6 signs that may indicate a logical damage

1.A weird sound is coming from computer when it is started normally.

2.Data Error Reading Drive D:, General Failure Reading Drive C: or Sector Not Found error message appears and leads to boot failure, while virus infection is excluded.

3.Scandisk is automatically run to detect disk error each time when system is booted successfully.

4.When performing FDISK to hard disk, you find it was stuck in a certain point, going forward and backward repeatedly.

5.When you plan to format a partition on hard drive, the process is stuck in certain stage and error finally occurs, making you end up in failure.

6.Hard drive read error appears constantly when a file is reading or a program is running, suggesting file corruption and other information. Besides, if the disk reading process takes too long or the blue screen appears during reading, it also suggests that there’s bad sector/track on hard drive. 

Testdisk data recovery software works on Windows, Linux and Mac and file system supported includes FAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4. By using this Testdisk software you can recover data from USB flash drive (Pen drive), external and internal Hard disk, SD card etc. 

How to Recover data from Hard disk, USB flash drive or SD card

#1. Download Testdisk for Windows, Linux or Mac from here. Plug in your USB flash drive, SD card or External Hard disk.

#2. Extract the zip file and open the file called Photorec, (Run as Administrator) it will open a Command Prompt.

#3. Now select a media, which you want to recover and press “Enter”. 

Select a Media

Note : If you see the message “Please select the partition table type”, you need to select Intel for Windows and press Enter. 

#4. You will see “To recover lost files, PhotoRec need to know the filesystem type where the file were stored”, choose other for Windows and Mac and ext2/ext3 for Linux, press Enter.   

Recovered file type

#5. Next you’ll see “Do you want to save recovered files in….”, type Y and press Enter. 

Testdisk recovery software

#6. The software recovering the files and save it to the destination folder. It will take around 10 min for 8 GB Pen drive to recover data. 

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