You may face any of the visual editor problem listed below, when try to write a post in WordPress visual editor.

  • Visual editor buttons were missing
  • Ability to switch from Visual to HTML not working
  • Can’t write any thing on the editor

There are various reasons why your visual editor is disappearing like HTML and visual editor toolbars will be missing after a new WordPress upgrade, an outdated browser, conflicting plugins and the absence of JavaScript could make your visual editor stop working. In this article, I will show you how to fix the white text and missing button issues in WordPress visual editor.

How to Fix Visual Editor Problem in WordPress

Login into your website administrative account, Click on Users in the WordPress dashboard and navigate to user profile. Visual Editor and Uncheck the box that says “Disable the visual editor when writing”.

Clear the Browser Cache

The first thing you should try to do is clear the browser cache or use another browser. If this does not fix your issue, try second method.

Edit WordPress File

If none of the above tricks worked for you, then open your hosting cpanel dashboard and click on “File Manager”. Now click on public_html and find wp-config.php file. Add the following line below the php opening tag found at the top.

define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);

Note : Please make sure that you’ve downloaded the wp-config.php file before editing. Delete the “.htaccess” file from main website folder, not from wp-includes folder.

Sometimes plugins may not integrate well with your themes, so they may lead to missing icons in your visual editor. If you have installed new plugin and lost icons in your WordPress editor, then try to disable them and see if you can see the buttons again.

We hope that one of the solution listed in this article will fix visual editor problem in WordPress. If you found another fix that worked for you, then please share it in the comments.

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