When you captured a video with your smartphone or camcorder and try to play it in your computer or laptop, you find that it’s rotated 90 degrees. If you find your video sideways or upside down then you know how frustrating it can be to watch it later. Luckily, rotating your video is a snap, and there are many free ways to do it.

How to Rotate a Video 90 degree on Windows or Mac 

#1. Windows Live Move Maker : Click on Start button and search for Movie Maker, if you don’t find Movie Maker in Windows, download it from Microsoft Website. 

Windows Movie Maker

Open the app, click on the “Add Videos and Photo” icon and locate the video that you want to rotate, double click the file. Now locate the rotate video icons in the Editing section and click the “Rotate left” or “Rotate right” button to rotate the video in 90 degree increments. Save the changes you’ve made by clicking the “Save Movie” button in the Home tab and choose the desired format. 

#2. VLC :  Open your video in VLC and open the Tools menu > select “Effects and Filters’ or press Ctrl + E. Click on the “Video Effects” tab, and then check “Transform” to rotate the video 90 degree. 

vlc adjustments and effects

This change isn’t permanent, to save the video in its new orientation, you’ve to open Tools > Preferences and at the bottom of the preferences windows, enable “All” settings. Now find the heading call “Sout stream” (under Stream Output) then click on “Transcode” and choose “Rotate video filter” from the selections to the right and finally click “Save”.

VLC all settings

Click open VLC’s Media menu > Convert/Save, click Add and choose the file we just rotated. Click on the “Convert/Save” button at the bottom of this dialog and then “Convert” (Alt+O). Select a destination and file name to which you want to save your new file. Go ahead and click “Start” and the file will be converted and saved.

#3. Download iMovie which is available at Mac App Store and open iMovie, click the file menu, select import and select video. Open the Crop Menu by selecting your video and press “C” on your keyboard or by clicking the crop button in the middle toolbar. You’ll see the Rotate buttons appear at the top of the viewer and click the Left or Right rotation buttons to rotate the image in 90 degree increments, click done.


Note : Use the “Fit” option to ensure that you don’t lose any of the edges of your video when it’s rotated.

How to Rotate a Video 90 degree on Android or iPhone

There are a variety of free and paid apps available for both iOS, Android Phones and tablets. Some popular apps include, Video Rotate Free, Video Rotate and Flip for iOS and mVideoCut, Video Toolbox for Android. 
Once you’ve installed the app, open it and select your video file. You can start rotating it, your options will depend on the app you’re using, but almost all allow for basic 90 degree increments.

Bonus Tips : You can also use, online video rotating site like RotateMyVideo.net. Click the “Pick Video” button in the middle of the page and select the video on your computer or mobile device. The video is uploading and can take a few seconds or even a few minutes, depending of your connection and size of your video. Click the buttons in the Rotation section (Left or Right arrows) until the video is fixed. Click the “Download” link to download the rotated video.

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