Most common mistake done by many blogger is that they forget to put alt tag in images due to which loss of organic traffic. Do you know alt tag is very important in Google Blogger to increase blog ranking and organic traffic. You don’t have any plugin in blogger like WordPress plugin in order to get alt tag in images. 

how to use alt tags in blogger images

Alt tag is a part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google image search tool is most popular service to find images, graphics and icons from all around the Web. In order to get more organic traffic from Google search engine always use atleast one image in your blog post with proper alt tag. 

How to Use Alt tag in Blogger

Login to your blogger account and click on post. You can either upload a fresh image for New post or use existing image in the Published post. Click on image > Properties. It will open a pop up with image properties like Title text and Alt text. 

blogger image properties alt tags

 Add the Title text and Alt text related to your Post, for example if you writing a Post about How to download torrent directly, Just use Download torrent directly in Title text and How to download torrent directly in Alt text. 

Note : Don’t use special characters like @, $, %, &, *, ^, ! and more than 15 words in  Alt text and Title text.

There is another method to add Alt text in blogger. To do so, click on post > html view > Press Ctrl + F. Now find img and add alt=”image keyword” after it. Replace image keyword with alt text .  To add Title text, find title and replace image title with Title text something like this. 

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<a href=”–schpzDDvig/Vg1FZZfcqpI/AAAAAAAAC7g/-CyhzlIdv8U/s1600/How%2Bto%2BStop%2BVideos%2BPlaying%2BAutomatically%2Bon%2BFacebook.jpg” imageanchor=”1″ style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”image keyword” border=”0″ height=”312″ src=”–schpzDDvig/Vg1FZZfcqpI/AAAAAAAAC7g/-CyhzlIdv8U/s640/How%2Bto%2BStop%2BVideos%2BPlaying%2BAutomatically%2Bon%2BFacebook.jpg” title=“image title” width=”640″ /></a> 

If you have any other methods to use Alt text in blogger, lets us know by commenting below. 

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