Google Reverse Image search has a useful feature that allow you to search by images. Reverse Image Search option help you quickly discover related images from around the web. Just Upload a photograph from your desktop to Google Images and it will show you similar images used on other websites and also different sizes of the same photo almost instantly. 

How to Use Reserve Image Search on Your Mobile Phone

You can use it to track down the origin of a photo, but it’s also useful for hunting down product names, unlabeled products names, find Recipes from Images, Figure out Celebrity names, Debunk Social Media Posts and Profiles, Identify planets, animals and more.

Journalists can use the reverse search option to find the original source of an image and also know about the approximate date when the picture was first published on the Internet. Photographers can use this feature to know about other websites that are using their photographs.

Reverse Image Search on Mobile Devices
Reverse Image Search option is officially available on desktop computer and not on mobile devices and tablets. Thus, if a friends has sent you an image on WhatsApp or Facebook that you would like to verify, you have to first transfer the photograph to a desktop in order to perform a reverse image search. 
Here we’ll describe how to use Google Image Search on iPhone and other mobile devices, with the Search by Image option. The trick is to launch the desktop version of Google Image Search on your smartphone browser instead of the usual mobile version.  Here are some methods

1. Request Desktop Site : Launch any web browser from your phone and type “” on the address bar and tap Enter key. Now select “Request Desktop Site” from the pull down menu. Open Google Reserve Image search by tapping the Images tab, search using an image URL or upload an image for searching.
2. : Go to on your mobile phone, click the “Select Image” button and choose an image from the photo gallery of your phone. Next click “Search” and it will upload your photo to Google Images much like the desktop version.
 Reverse image search engine list
The following Image search engine list might be helpful for performing various types of image based searches
 Reverse image search engine apps for Mobile
Based on some of these image search engines, a number of image search apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 
1. Windows Phone : Reverse Image Search and Bing Vision free apps for Windows phone to search image that is powered by Google, Bing, TinEye and Yandex.  
2. iOS & Android Phone : Unravl helps you to get details about a particular image such as browsing similar Images based on color or shape, image used by other websites. CamFind loaded with the features like Image search, QR Reader, Price Comparison and Barcode Scanner. This list also includes Google Goggles and Veracity

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